Registration & Payment

How secure is your money?
  • Systems control in place to ensure track of anything happening at any time whether is done by a member or a board member
  • Qualified professional auditors, lawyers & qualified personnel
  • CIC Insurance covers
  • Ministry officials working with the board
  • Members based decisions not the boards
Registration & Membership

Anyone wishing to join the SACCO will be required to make a non-refundable registration fee of &pound100. To become a full member of the Kenuks SACCO one will be required to buy a minimum of 4 shares at &pound50. Click Here To Register
Make a payment

Pay using debit or credit card or your paypal account Click Here To Make A Payment Further deposits to Kenya UK sacco account in Kenya
GBP co-operative bank account 0314 54209 33900
quoting your unique membership number as reference
money payable to Kenya UK Sacco

Joining Kenya UK Sacco


  • Be a Kenyan citizen residing in the UK or Europe
  • Have attained 18 years of age
  • Is gainfully employed or self employed
  • Is of good character and sound mind
  • Pay the membership fees of £100 and share capital of £200
  • Complete an online application form

b) Benefits of becoming a member

  • Get an opportunity to save regularly and build a deposit against which you can secure a loan.
  • Get a loan with easy and affordable repayments
  • Access emergency loans within the shortest time possible
  • Be part of BIG and REWARDING investment ventures negotiated by the SACCO and channelled through reputable development partners
  • Apply for consideration of allocation of a house by the National Housing Corporation (NHC) without going through the prolonged bidding process.
  • Access highly discounted insurance products from CIC Insurance
  • Access free legal advise from qualified UK solicitors 

c) How to become a member
Fill in Application Form attached